pf_schauing_1360x4901The temporary nature of the Schaustelle is the point of departure for a special project that will take place as an intervention around the pavilion, which makes constructive use of its limited timespan. ‘Schauing’ consists of approximately 30 temporary wooden structures that will be developed to serve a variety of functions. over 200 students from the department of architectural design and the timber construction programme at TU Munich will work with wooden boards and simple tools, hammering, sawing and building right next to the Schaustelle. After the topping-out ceremony, huts from the ‘Schauing’ project will be opened for temporary use. Members of the public and artists are welcome to submit project ideas on how to put the spaces to use – the more unusual, the better. The wooden huts will gradually become a provisional part of the space, will be reshaped and made into places for  relaxation, exchanges, performances – or used in completely unexpected ways. A temporary settlement will develop through a process of dialogue.