pf_lounge_1360x490Even inside the Schaustelle, interventions that last for longer periods of time take place alongside the constantly changing programme of events. The product design department at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich, led by Carmen Greutmann-Bolzern and Urs Greutmann, has developed furniture for the lounges and communication spaces at the Schaustelle. The seating in the outdoor area is made of materials and products found on construction sites, in a deliberate echo of the concept that underpins the choice of materials for the structure itself. These  materials were used to create handmade, specially manufactured swings that hang down from the scaffolding on the upper roof level, as well as seating arrangements on the terrace. In contrast to the raw materials used for the outdoor furniture, the lounge and cafe areas feature delicate works made entirely of a total of 20,000 small pieces of paper – masterful examples of the art of Chinese paper folding.