pf_autoThe performative sculpture by Folke Köbberling / Martin Kaltwassser and David Moises is the product of a clash between an exciting game with technology and an ephemeral structure. A temporary multi-storey car park made of plasterboard has been erected between the Schaustelle and the Pinakothek der Moderne. The ‘Kulissenparkhaus’ (or ‘parking block scenery’) contains remote-control cars that are programmed to drive around. The car park’s pillars are constantly buffeted by the cars’ movements, until they finally crumble, resulting in the gradual collapse of the structure. The plasterboards shift unpredictably and each new day marks the continuation of a sculptural process.
The cars end up destroying a structure that – from a purely typological perspective – was designed solely to house them. As the motor car continues to enjoy cult status and dominate private transport, the action questions its place in and impact on our world. Köbberling / Kaltwasser and David Moises turn the power dynamic on its head: as soon as the cars take on a life of their own, they begin to destroy themselves and their environment.

Opening of the performance: 04 09 um 17 00
other dates: 05 09 bis 08 09 von 17 00 bis 18 00