The place

The Schaustelle. Pinakothek der Moderne stands on the grounds of the former infantry barracks, dubbed the Türkenkaserne (or ‘Turkish barracks’), built from 1823 to 1824 in the reign of Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria. Original plans to extend the barrack grounds to today’s Barer Strasse were halted by King Ludwig I. While still crown prince, he commissioned Leo von Klenze with the task of constructing a pinacotheca (an art gallery drawn from the classical model) on the plot opposite. The barrack extension, it was thought, would have encroached on the aesthetic integrity of the building, known today as the Alte Pinakothek, as well as putting it at greater risk of fire. Thus, the necessary distance to Leo von Klenze‘s pinacotheca was maintained and the barracks, conceived as a four-wing complex, were curtailed to just three.

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