Installation. Virtual City Ion

ion_14001505 12:00 – 20:00 A vibrant city undergoes a constant process of transformation and movement, accompanied by a symphony of noises. If you open your window in such a city, its echo fills the room: traffic, car horns, the party next door, a couple’s argument, a barking dog, a crying baby, or the noise from a construction site. A lively city fills the room, is physically present and yet intangible. The installation ‘Ion’ by Mediaarchitecture makes it possible to create virtual, ephemeral and imaginary cities through the combined interaction of movement and noises. The cities are represented by a computer-controlled projection on a screen. The viewer is asked to articulate him- or herself through noises, which in turn cause spatial elements to be created in the projection. In this way, the viewer plays an active role in creating his or her imaginary environment.

17 05 2013.  18 00.  Musical Intervention »SaxoPolis.2013« by Matthieu Bardenave (Saxophon)
Concept: Konstantia Gourzi. A cooperation with opus21| MUSIKPLUS