pf_provisoriumDue to their unfinished nature, makeshift things hold within them positive room for development. The way we encounter the makeshift and provisional, however, varies radically. Wars, political persecution, natural disasters, and poverty all require emergency solutions to create homes for displaced people. For many people around the world, however, temporary solutions have become a permanent way of life. The photographic exhibition ‘Architektur auf Zeit’ portrays various people who have created their own individual living spaces, in the middle of the city or on an open field, as a shelter or place of work. Eva Leitolf, John Vink, Myrzik and Jarisch, Rainer Viertlböck, and Markus Lanz use their cameras to trace the informality of life in and with the makeshift that exists beyond the cherished conventions of the middle-class.


14 08 19 00 Opening: the artists will be present