The Pinakothek der Moderne is not merely the sum of all the artworks and objects in its collection. And it is not merely the building in which these objects are stored and exhibited. It is also a place that is full of personal memories, surprising discoveries and fleeting experiences that occur along the way. David von Westphalen, a performer, director and sound artist, has created for the Schaustelle an audio installation woven from the museum’s secret inner life. The work includes the voices of people who work behind the scenes. Now closed to the public, the building has turned its gaze in upon itself. It rhapsodises, complains, philosophises and looks back on its ten-year history: sunrises in the rotunda, scents in the coat check, fainting spells in the bookshop. David von Westphalen’s audio installation demonstrates that the liveliness of a museum results from the way in which this great institution intersects with the lives of a wide variety of people.

Interviews and montage: David von Westphalen.
Compositions: Filip Caranica.
Script: Naomi Steuer.
Audio engineer: Johannes Maier.
Thanks to: Matthias Günther, Wolfram Schild