‘Housing is a human right!’ says Berlin architect Van Bo Le Mentzel (Hartz IV Möbel). With his Unreal Estate House, Le Mentzel, the son of Laotian refugees, presents his design for a wooden house that can be supported on a simple car trailer. This means that the house, 5m2 in area and equipped with kitchen, toilet, and overhead sleeping level, can be placed anywhere, as long as there is sufficient parking space. Le Mentzel believes that even people of little means should be able to determine where they live. Now just 36, Le Mentzel recently caused a stir with his One Sqm House. He says: ‘I know moving the living room onto the street is not a solution, but just imagine the easing to the real estate industry if everyone were able to survive without paying rent.’ But what makes his car trailer house really unique is that it’s not for sale! If you want one, you have to build it yourself. The construction plans are available for free.

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01 08 until  07 08     12 00     Beginning of the Workshops (5 days), Free participation, Suscriptions:

04 08                     17 00     Lecture: Unreal Estate House. Eine Vision vom mietfreien Leben von Van Bo Le-Mentzel

18 00     Party Unreal Estate House