pf_gabi_anna_1360-1024x3683A performative Installation by Gabi Blum & Anna McCarthy

“… But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them. The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress.” Walter Benjamin zu „Angelus Novus“ von Paul Klee

Over a period of four days Gabi Blum and Anna McCarthy will transform the Schaustelle of the Pinakothek der Moderne into a tumultous, superseding and constantly en loop build-up to the end of the world, acted out by a conglomerate of artists, supernumeraries, lost folk and been-there and done-thats.
“We’re goin’ down, everyday – even on Sundays !” (quote DAMENKAPELLE) The four day show-piece is set to metamorphose into a fully accessible tableaux–vivant in keeping with the ever-present principle: To give structure chaos. Simultaneously, the occurences are to be documented from varying perspectives and transmitted live into the ‘archive’ situated in the ‘belly of the whale’, aka downstairs. Past, present and future are set to become one and shifts are commonplace.

At the end of this whole shebang only the archive will be left to tell the tale and thus a cheapo fleamarket and an auction, which will take place on the days following, will be sure to rid the world of any graspable leftovers and scatter those remnants into that stormy wind.

What time is it ?

“…and the Universe, … will explode later for your pleasure.” – Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

04 07 – 07 07 2013 Performance & Archive
08 07 – 10 07 2013 Exhibition Archive & Sellout of Exhibits
10 07 2013 Auction of Leftovers

Concept & installation: Gabi Blum & Anna McCarthy
Film: Stefane Gruber, Stefan Dorner
Documentation: Anna Witt
Photo: Sabine Kuhn
Video editor: Anton Kaun, Aiko Okamoto, supported by Quirin Empl
Chief video editor: Anton Kaun
Sound-design: Joe Masi

Secretary: Gabi Blum
Angel of History: Anna McCarthy
Bar: Anthony McCarthy
Chaos Pendel: Thomas Silberhorn
Waiters and dancers: Maria Inés Plaza, Sebastian Kempff, Tina Schott, Amanda Tuset
Head waiter: Peter Friedrich
Miss downfall: Tina Schott
Simultaneous speech: Hank Schmidt in der Beek & Niklas Schechinger
Na-En-De-Na singer and stepper: Manu Rzytki
Old romantic love f/m: Maximiliane Baumgartner & Mirja Reuter
Autor and sailor: Pico Be
End time beast: Jonathan Penca
Spirit singer: Katrin Bertram, Katrin Petroschkat, Ben Planitzer, Olga, Daniel Goehr, olga Goloshchapova and Simon reimold
Nagler: Maximilian Bildhauer
Botox Mummy: Nana Dix
Singing exercises: Rosalie Eberle
Beautification: Leonid Hrytsak
JEANSGRUPPE: Muriel Aichberger, Edward Beierle, Holger Dreissig, Matthias Hirth, Eyreen Prochnow, Ben Stangl und Julia Steves.
Skin painter: Aylin Neuhofer, Kilian Lachmayr
Hugging performance: Linnéa Schwarz
Entropy sandboxes: Katrin Savvulidi, Diogo da Cruz
Clonehead: Philip Aubert
Poster painter: Maximilian Schmölz
Display panel / Minutes writer: Susi Gelb

Head archivist: Tagar
Archivists: Ida Bö, Simone Kessler, Sarah Lehnerer, Tom Wu
Archive painting: Hank Schmidt in der Beek & Niklas Schechinger
House and farm drawer: Julia Pfaller
Museums director: Reinhold Böh
Seating furniture archive: Claus Hugo Nielsen
Survival plants archive: Hamman & Von Mier
Newspaper selling : Maria Guggenbichler