pf_tischleinReady for serving! The Schaustelle welcomes guests to take a seat, inviting visitors to join it around a large table as if for a meal. Contemporary Czech design is on display in this unusual installation by the Vienna/Prague architects Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug entitled “The Wishing-Table”, in cooperation with Czechdesign. Products – classical ones, as cut glass or bentwood furniture inherently are – but with modifications and variations to their design so that they can hold their own in the here and now, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology so that they are affordable, and presented to catch the eye and hold one’s gaze … and so that viewers, smiling to themselves, will take their places at the fairy-tale, surreal table to give some thought to the importance of design.

31 05 at 19 00
DESIGNERS’ TALK with Michal Froněk (Olgoj Chorchoj, Prague) and Nitzan Cohen (Munich). Moderator: Michael Geldmacher (Neuland, Munich)
In English
Discussion about the ways how to talk about design, how to display design to evoke a greater consciousness in the public about the value of creation. Is design only an issue for intellectuals? Do we have two different design cultures: highbrow – and… “normal”? Which is the role of designers, of the museum, of education in this process?

31 05 at 21 00
CONCERT: Standuino (Brno)

A project by CZECHDESIGN.CZ in cooperation with Studio VASKU & KLUG. Sponsored by the Tschechisches Zentrum München, TON a.s. and MMCITE a.s.

01 06 14 00 – 18 00

With Valentina Lachner and Jin Qu, Students at the Lehrstuhl für Produktgestaltung der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.