Tal R. Schneidebrett. Tee Pavillon

pf_talr_1360x490-860x309The Danish artist known as Tal R (*1967, Tel Aviv) has developed the Chopping Board Tea Pavilion especially for the Schaustelle. In the pavilion, the artist’s assistants will create woodcuts using a common everyday object for the woodblocks: worn-out cutting boards. While these boards were once used to cut vegetables, meat or bread, now they themselves will be carved with motifs, thus elevating their function above the merely quotidian. Visitors are invited to relax on the seating ensemble designed by the artist and learn about how these woodcuts are created, all while enjoying a cup of sage tea. The finished woodcuts will be exhibited at the pavilion and offered for sale. The proceeds will benefit the Schaustelle project.

May, 8th opening day – the artist Tal R will be present
May, 8th, 6:30 p.m. Interview with Tal R, moderation: Bernhart Schwenk and Birgitta Heid

Sponsored by Galerie Sabine Knust, Munich