pf_freeland_1360x490The virtual urban planning project »Freeland« by MVRDV + The Why Factory is a comic-like imaginary ideal city and explores the crucial issue »What if you could start here and create your own world?«. Far from urban masterplans and independent of any administrative building regulations, »freeland« is designed by the inhabitants themselves. In the video projection visions will be demonstrated that, although of individualistic character, will take into account general urban planning and structural issues. In this performance MVRDV is considering the possibility of self-administered urban planning that starts directly with its citizens and is planned to be carried out in the newly created Dutch town of Almere. The citizens organize themselves in initiative groups in order to design specific quarters with regard to water and energy supply, waste management and infrastructure self-sufficiently and thus independently. »Freeland« demonstrates the various facets of a utopian urban project: greatest possible autonomy by countering building regulations and at the same time confrontation with a hyper-individualism forcing the individual citizen to communicate with each other.

22 05 um 18 00 Vortrag Jan Knikker MVRDV