Do you need anybody

doyouneed_1360_490In a »banquet for art and networks« the international artist group »COLLABORATION_Project« investigates the potential of a cross-cultural, theoretical and practical exchange as well as a cooperation independent of institutions in the course of artistic interventions and a public table-talk.

Thu 23 May 17.00h opening with audio work by Beate Engl
Fri 24 May 19.00h text performance by Martin G. Schmid
Fri 24 May 20.00h sound performance LOOPSTATION with Tom Früchtl
Fri 24 May 21.00h party with sound + visuals by Hannu Karjalainen
Sat 25 May 14.00h table-talk with Diana Ebster, Simon Frisch, Cornelia Gockel, Hlynur Hallsson, Leo Lencés, Serafine Lindemann, Svätopluk Mikyta, Martin G. Shmid, Karsten Schmitz, Daniel Schürer, Daniela Stöppel, Thomas Thiede / moderation: Christian Schoen
Sat 25 May 19.00h banquet by Daniel Schürer
Sun 26 May 11.00h artists’ breakfast
Sun 26 May 17.00h conclusion with audio work by Beate Engl

A cooperation with COLLABORATION_Project / conception: Thomas Thiede
The project is supported by ATELIER SCHOELLER